Show Lives/Power Throughout Videogame

Mar 29, 2019

Hi, heroes: 

I am building a game in Storyline 360 and find myself a bit out of my league. 

Some background on the game: The player is working in a lab as a storm is rolling in. The player has been asked to identify microscopic images (about 15 questions) before they leave for the night, thus winning the game. The player is working against worsening weather conditions, and any question answered incorrectly will take away one of the player's "lives"--a lightbulb. The game is over when the power goes out. Let me know if you need additional details.

I want the learner to start with five lightbulbs, but I'm not sure how to keep the number of lightbulbs accurately displayed. If I want to have the lightbulbs show up on every slide and adjust as the learner answers incorrectly, can I use variables?

If this isn't possible, should I use results slides? Can I put varying numbers of lightbulbs there? 

I'd appreciate any ideas or examples anyone can share. Thank you!


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Ellen Price

Hi, Michael! Thanks for your response.

Does this seem like the right way to go?
-Put the 5 lightbulbs on the master slide
-Create a lightbulbs variable
-Add a variable state change to each incorrect feedback slide
-Attach triggers to each lightbulb on the master slide so that one is hidden at each variable number

ETA: This works, but the variable seems to re-set on every subsequent slide, so it isn't remembering that a previous question was answered incorrectly. What am I missing?