Show quiz status on menu page in course


I'm looking for a nudge in the right direction on my scenario, which I've nearly got working how I want but not quite.

It's a simple course with 3 topics in it, which each have a test and I've built a menu page showing all the topics and an indicator for each which is to change if they've not started test / failed / passed the test.

What I'd like is that once the user fails/passes topic 1 the icon/text changes on the menu page to reflect where they are in the course and shows the correct status before they move onto other topics.

e.g. I've attempted this by a change state trigger which have a variable that if the score is < 80% the status of the icon/text changes to failed. This works fine but what I've noticed is when I first play the menu page even though the test has not been started it knows the test score is < 80% and immediately shows the failed text/icon.

What else am I missing for it not to recognise the test has not been attempted?

As I say I think I'm close to solving it but could do with some expert advice.


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Chris Fletcher

How about this:

  • Variable quizFail t/f set as false
  • Trigger in Fail section of Quiz Results Slide to adjust variable quizFail to True when the timeline starts
  • Trigger on menu to change the image for the section if quizFail is True

Then if you want it to change the image in a different way when you pass a section, do the same with the Pass section of the quiz results slide.

Barry Hinks

Thank you both for your quick responses. Both approaches work fine and I've gone with Chris's approach so I can change the menu item for both pass & fail pages.

Where I was going wrong was I'd done this approach with the true or false variable but used the timeline starts variable on the question layer rather than the correct/incorrect layers.

Appreciate your ideas. Thanks and have a great weekend!