Show Video Controls Below Video

Nov 14, 2018

I understand that I should be able to add the video controls between specific videos in my Storyline 3 project, or I can add them to the Player for the eLearning as a whole.  However, this isn't working.  Any suggestions?  Screenshots attached.  I published to my desktop and didn't see it the video controls there either. 

I would prefer not to have video controls for my slides that don't contain audio/video.

Thanks in advance!

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Mica Hanson

They may not look like it, but you can see the video controls under the photo called Video Controls Below Video.  They controls just don't appear when I preview the video.  It makes sense that it is because my video takes up the whole screen.  I wish the video controls would just go down by the Prev Next buttons, but oh well.

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