Show video controls will not work in Storyline with interactive triggers and layers

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this problem. I created an interactive video that has buttons appear so the learner can basically answer a quiz question that is in the slide layer.  Then the learner gets feedback on what the correct answer should be.  Works great until I was asked if we could switch the seekbar found on the player features with the Show Video Controls under the options menu of Video Tools.  What I really need is to allow the learner to see where they are at in the video (how far they are and how much time is left).  Anyway, for some reason the triggers no longer work when I chose Show Video Controls.  When I switched back to the seekbar, it worked again.  A bit frustrating for our project team and our learners.  Has anyone found a way to make this happen?



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Walt Hamilton

The way I make it happen is to put the video on its own slide. When I want to show the video, I jump to its slide, and when the video is finished, I jump to the next slide. That way I can use the slide timeline as the timeline for the video, but have all the freedom to use any of my triggers. (If I don't tell them, the user never knows how many slides they are seeing.) :)


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chantel.  What you're describing doesn't sound quite right.  What kind of triggers aren't working when you have the video controls showing and the player seekbar disabled?

I can test out your .story file if you'd like to attach it here, or I can mock up a similarly designed file of my own.  I want to make sure you aren't running into anything glitchy!

Chantel Nicolay

That would be great, you can find the file here: Heart Murmurs.story. Let me know what you think might be happening. Currently it is using seekbar so you can see how it should work, but if you change it to Show Video Controls, you should find that the interaction no longer works. Any advice is appreciated.

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