SHowing/Hiding Video Controls

I browsed through the forums and couldn't lock down a direct answer to this question:

Is there a way to set video controls such that after a video has been viewed the player controls will appear?

Another option is that the video plays with no controls, then advances to the next slide. After advancing, if the user goes back to the video slide, then the video controls appear.

Any thoughts?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Luke,

The current version of Storyline has one Video Controls widget. It's either on or off and no way to stylize it.

However, you can build your own custom controls for Play and Pause. No way of building custom seekbars or timers yet, though without the SDK and some hacking.

Create two buttons with Play icon and Pause icon respectively. Set their initial states to Hidden.

Then two triggers - one for each button to "Change the state of [play_button] to Normal with Media [video] completes."

That's the quick setup and there's a number of ways to get all that to behave like you want from there.

Hope this helps.