Showing Incorrect with Matching Drag & Drop

Jan 08, 2016

I have a matching drag and drop with five items. I would like for the learner to have 2 attempts before revealing the answer slide. Is there a way to indicate correct/incorrect answers on attempt 2, rather than just having them "try again" with no indication of what needs to be fixed?

I was reading other threads about using drag and drop states, but that doesn't seem to be possible when using the Matching Drag and Drop in Storyline 2.



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Michael Shannon

Hey Coniqua. You could create a variable with a number value and put a trigger on the "try again" slide that increases the number value of the variable by one each time the layer is viewed. Then put a trigger on that same "try again" slide that states: go to "answer" slide when timeline starts if the value of that variable reaches 2. The answer slide would then show the learner what the correct answer looks like (make sure to provide them a way to close the layer and go to the next page too). 

This could be as complex as you want/need. In one course that required something similar, I used buttons with various states (on the answer slide) that were triggered by the choices the learner made in the quiz. That way I could keep track of what they chose as correct and what they chose incorrectly and show them visually. Hope that makes sense.

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