Showing the valule of a variable in a text box

Dec 11, 2014

Hello everyone

I use a variable to collect partial results on a wrong answer in a quiz question. The learner has to drag and drop answers in various places.

I ask SL to add 1 pt to variable Q12 on submit if item's states are dropped correctly.

On Wrong Answer layer, i want to call the value of Q12 variable with "you have collected %Q12% points".

Unfortunatly,  tha value doesn't register anything or i didn't call it correctly.

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?



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Michael Hinze

If drag objects are dropped somewhere on objects that have been identified as targets, then the drag objects will snap to the target. The, when the Submit button is clicked, the dropped objects will be scored as either Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect. Here I a tutorial on drag-and-drop interactions:  

Nathalie Kustcher

Well i got that part right at least. I normally ose the embedded result to keep the score but it bugs me that i cannot record partially correct answer and find it very frustrating to the learner.


Thats why for this quiz, i want to mannualy create a result variable what will increment accordingly to the learner's performance by recognizing partially good answers...

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