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Peter Anderson

Hi Jane!

Have you tried setting the slide to Reset to initial state? You can use this option if you always want the layer to reset to its initial state if learners return to it. This means any time the learner views the layer subsequent times, it'll restart at the beginning of the layer's timeline, and any interactive objects will return to their initial states.

Jane Brotchie

Hi Peter

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is quite a simple drag and drop without layers - I have selected one statement at a time to show and then be dragged to the correct object. The problem is that it keeps sorting the statements  so that all target 1 statements come together, then all target 2 rather than appearing randomly. Not sure if I am explaining that very well. Here's a screenshot- I have chosen 'reveal drag items one at a time' which I found a useful way to do it as there are over 20 statements.

Jane Brotchie

Hi Peter, just returned to this project. I've now achieved the effect I wanted by making sure the 'drag item' list were in the order I wanted. I thought the 'shuffle' function would shuffle the order that drag items appear, but apparently not. Not sure then what the shuffle does - but thanks for your help. It's working now the way I want it.

Emily Ruby

Hello E,

The shuffle works by moving the items around on the slide for their starting positions, however the order in which they are in the timeline will determine which item is on the top. 

See example attached. The drag items do move, but the item on top in the timeline will always appear on the top of the pile.

E Pachella


Thank you for the sample.  I now understand better how the shuffle works.

Since I stacked the items and also chose to display one drag item at a time, the effect is lost.  I think the option I'm looking for is to randomly display one drag item at a time.

I love the prompt and helpful feedback I've received from this community!   It's making learning Storyline so much easier.  Thanks again for all your support, everyone.


Tim Esteva

Hi all

2 years later, a quick UP to Emily's last question (i use storyline 3)

"I think the option I'm looking for is to randomly display one drag item at a time."

Any hints or trick ?

To add complexity (and coolness), id' like items to appear one at a time, randomly, when the user clicks on a picture, the pic being a box. The effect i want to have is that when you click on the magix box, an items pops out. So basicaly a change of state from hidden to visible but the trick is that i want the items to be randomly picked....




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shannon,

The original issue where answer choices didn't shuffle in Storyline 2 was fixed in an earlier update noted here.  That was for a freeform pick one, drag/drop, and multiple choice. 

I'm hoping you haven't run into the same issue or something similar, but if you have - I'm here to help! 🙂 

Can you let me know the following:

  • what version/update of Storyline are you using? 
  • does the question shuffle at all (i.e. on the first attempt, a retry, etc.)?
  • is this only happening with freeform drag and drops?
  • could you share a copy of that slide from your .story file? 

Let me know and we'll keep working on it from there! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kristin,

When you reveal the drag items one at a time, they will always appear in the order listed in the drag item sequence window. 

You have two options:

  1. You can manually shuffle the answer choices in the drag item sequence window (shown above)

  2. You can deselect "reveal drag items one at a time," and stack the 16 objects on top of each other (so the learner will only see one item at a time).