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Apr 22, 2022

I have built a course with 21 slides in Storyline 360 with the course passing set at 21 slides viewed. There are 14 slides and 7 branching slides. I published the course CSOD. When I tested the course and viewed all 21 slides it shows that I am "in progress". I adjusted the passing to 14 slides viewed (excluding branching slides) and republished the course to CSOD. I retook the course and was able to pass the course and print a certificate of completion. 

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and do I need to exclude Lightbox slides and are there other slides I need to exclude. Looking forward to the discussion.

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Judy Nollet

How long are the timelines on your lightbox slides? It might be that those aren't counted as viewed if the timeline doesn't end before you close the slide. (Caveat: I haven't tracked a course via slides viewed since Storyline 2, so I'm definitely not an expert on that function.) 

Alternative:  Does your course have an end-of-course slide (that is, a slide that a user can only get to after they've viewed all the other slides)? If so, you could add a Completion trigger to that slide, and use that for tracking. 

Mike Saunderson

Hi Judy

I rarely use slide count but the client did not want a quiz. 

The course I described did not have Lightboxes but does have a congratulation slide (the last slide), it seems odd that LMS counts the number of slides minus branching slides. I am curious about how the slides are counted.