Sign in required even I am already signed in to Account

Hi Team,


I am facing challange with sign in to my account and also I am unable to connect with Support. I am already signed in to my articulate 360 account and its showing signed in but whenever I open a story file it ask me to sign in, and if I click on sign it take me to articulate 360 where I already signed in.


This is really frustating and I am not even able to complte my tak.



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Mark Banit

Just experienced this for the first time as well...very frustrating. Clicking the sign-in button just took me into the 360 app which showed me as signed in. Ended up having to choose the 'exit' option from the Storyline prompt and close out of Storyline completely and reopen. Thankfully my work had been saved prior to getting that message.

Katie Riggio

Hi Mark,

So sorry this happened, and thank goodness your work is safe.

If this happens again, our Engineers are ready to troubleshoot in real-time since you have access to Live Chat. Be sure to bookmark this link:

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Lynda Kluck

I'm experiencing the same issue. I created several projects using the trial version, then I paid for the full version and I cannot use it. When I try to open my projects, I am prompted to sign in and taken to my account page which shows that I am already signed in. I have signed out and signed back in, reinstalled SL, re-booted my machine...not sure what else to try, but unable to use the product. I've walked through the steps in this article and the problem still persists.