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Nancy Woinoski

in terms of publishing for html5 vs html5 with Flash fallback, it really depends on the browers the people taking the course will be using. Many browsers either block Flash completely (chrome) or make the user request to use Flash (Microsoft Edge) so publishing for Flash is not necessary for these browsers. Older  browers such as Internet Explorer work better with Flash so you need to include flash as an option and might even want to use Flash with html5 as the default.

Steve Bunting

Thank you Wendy and Nancy We are purchasing Articulate 360 , I have the trial installed but have noticed hyperlinks do not work if the link is to pages within the course. The links do work fine when linking to other sites though. I need to play around with the publishing settings but I think we will use HTML5 with flash fallback as some users will be using older laptops and IE