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Dec 04, 2018

Hey Articulate folks!

 Would you PLEASE add a way for NON Storyline subscribers to be able to open a site (the same way they do to view and review current storyline projects) and create a recording using their own computer that can be "published" in some way (storyline file?) and then used in a Storyline course?

Here's the example I run in to EVERY TIME I work with a client:

Client requests that I create a course with a simulation to train on a new software or software update.

The only person who has access to said software is the client. In order for me to get a recording of that software I need to a) figure out how to get the client in my office where I have Storyline installed or b) figure out how to get access to client's software and then LEARN the software well enough to create a recording.

Why can't there be a stand alone solution to create that recording?

Yes, I could use some other screen recording program that will only generate a .mp4 or some movie format but that doesn't create the "click here" and hot spots and allow me to edit it in the way it would if the SME were logged in to Storyline to create the recording.

I KNOW that pretty much EVERYONE who uses any type of simulation recording program runs into this exact same issue because, generally, the SME is NOT the same person who has the license for the eLearning development software.

Articulate did such a wonderful job of addressing the need for a review tool of some type by adding that to Articulate 360.

It seems it wouldn't be that far of a stretch to create a standalone/web based version of the simulation recording tool for the SMEs. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

I am happy to pass that idea along to our team as it's not one I remember hearing before!

In the meantime, if this happens infrequently, you could ask the client to use a trial of Storyline 3 or 360 to do their screen recording, and then they'd be able to share the .story file with you for inclusion in the course.

If it's a bit more common occurrence, you may want to look at Articulate 360 Teams and that way you'd be able to assign a seat out to the client/contractor who is able to then do the screen recording. 

If you have other ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see in Storyline or Articulate 360, and you're up for logging a feature request we love to hear from customers about neat ideas! 

Deborah Woldanski

I had a similar experience.  I had to take audio files from a powerpoint (which are MP4s) and convert them in Audacity to WAV files in order to use them in RISE 360.  Then I had no way of getting new audio from a SME (other than PowerPoint). I do like the Text to Speech function in StoryLine but again you have to manipulate some of the words like, UH SESS.  False is FAULLSE, etc.

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