size of course with Storyline


I had a demo prepared in Presenter, 10 slides, 5 of them inside Quizzmaker.

Then I started the same demo in Storyline. Of course it has 'more': layers, triggers, a character. But it's still 10 'slides'.

The thing is the SCORM in Presenter was about 3Mb and in Storyline is about 54Mb. 

What will happen when I create a long course? Will the size of Storyline courses be a problem for students in a Moodle LMS?

Thank you very much!

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Bill Harnage


As David said, the .story file contains all components associated w/ the course, including screen records if any.  This is nice compared to Presenter where you have a .ppt and .ppta file. Only one file to keep track of.

Once you publish the SL publish settings kick in and will compress the final output based on the settings.  I have an 84mb .story file that crunches down to about 32mb for output.  MInd you this is a large course w/ lot of screen shots and screen records.

Belen Casado

Dear all!

Thank you for your kind answers,

The thing is that I need to deliver a SCORM zip, and it's 54Mb that I need to upload it in a Moodle LMS. And this is only a very small part of the course... I still haven't added audios nor syncing, the character doesn't move yet...

Anyway, if it has to be this size is ok, as long as I still can upload it to the LMS.

Thanks again!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Belen, there are a couple of things you can try to make the file size smaller if you have not already done so. Before publishing try disabling the publish to html5 and iPad options. The course won't run on the iPad mobile app if launching fom Moodle so you do not need the extra files the iPad publish option creates. 

If you have a lot of duplicate images on you slides, you might want to try moving the to the master slide.