Size of font changing when publishing on different machines

Sep 08, 2014

Have you any resolution to a new problem that we have had? We have had to work and publish files on same machine or else we get a change in the font size -- either smaller or larger. Now it is not a font style change -- we are using Arial -- it is size -- and it is not in the published file -- it appears in the Storyline file -- and we have change text box properties to Do Not Autofit -- but it still occurs. Also, it is occurring even when we have similar computers and monitor sizes??

Any resolution??

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Evelyn Maizels

Seems like the advice on the articulate storyline article about this issue is confounding what windows 8.1 is calling text enhancement with the term "DPI". It is definitely confusing to lump this enhancement setting in with other resolution terms by calling this the "96 DPI" setting,

I've always understood DPI to mean dots per inch, actually I undestood that it should be pixels per inch, to describe the resolution of the monitor,and if it means something different then that different meaning should be clarified for the users. Otherwise confusion will continue.

Somewhere in my reading on this I came across a term "logical inch": and got even more confused

how DPI relates to text enhancement setting that windows offers to be 100% (smaller) and as well as other choices to give text enhancement settings greater than 100 % is definitely NOT clear

see also

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