Sizing Storyline 360 for YouTube

Dear E-Learning Heroes,

I need to put a Storyline 360 project in YouTube. I want to use one of the videos from the SL360 content library as an opening slide. I'm having difficulty sizing the SL360 slides to fill the YouTube display. I've tried 4:3, 16:9, and custom slide sizes based on YouTube recommended resolutions (, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else done this? If so, could you please walk me through how you set up the slides and published in SL360 and how you set it up in YouTube?



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Gina Evans

Hi Tom,

Thanks for responding so quickly! First time I've really done much resizing of story sizes AND first time I've tried putting a SL video in YouTube, so please bear with me if I'm doing something stupid. :-) I tried setting the story size to 16:9 and 4:3. Then I tried setting a custom story size of 1920x1080 per YouTube recommendations and tried both Scale to Fit and Fill Background (which required selecting a story position so I chose Middle Center). Could one issue be that the content library videos don't fill the SL screen?

Also, when I set the story size to 1920x1080, close the Change Story Size dialog and reopen it, it's reset to 1280x960. Do you know what's going on there?

Tom Kuhlmann

From that image, it looks like the video is 4:3. If you look at the video that you get from Storyline, right click and check the properties. You can see the dimensions in the details tab.

Here's a quick video of how I'd set up the course to output at the right dimensions. Ideally you start by setting the Story size before you add content. If you go from 4:3 to 16:9 your content is going to be shifted around to fit the next aspect ratio.

Gina Evans

Adding content AFTER resizing was the key! I'd been fiddling around with changing sizes that already had a video on the slide. I simply deleted the video content, selected the 16:9, 1980x1080 size, then added the content and sized it to fill the slide. Worked like a charm when uploaded to YouTube! 

Thanks so much for your help. Putting Storyline into YouTube is new territory for me, so all help is extra-appreciated!