Sizing Weirdness (iFrame, Publish for Web)

Mar 22, 2016

Hi there! I am trying to get published output from Storyline 2 (Engage acts the same way, by the way) to appear as expected on mobile browsers. The content appears the same via Safari iPhone, Chrome iPhone, and Chrome Android. 

On a desktop browser, the embed loads great. But on mobile, it shrinks way down on portrait mode, left-aligned in the bottom of the iFrame. And then in portrait mode, it re-aligns itself top-right.

Do you have advice on how to get the content to scale and fill the space so that it looks somewhat similar to the desktop version?

I have tried placing a plain 'ol iFrame, pointing to a different site and it scales correctly across all devices and orientations. So this leads me to believe that something is going on with the published interaction.html + iFrame + my platform. As in, something is taking over control of the published output's visual settings and messing with it. I have attached a desktop vs. mobile image so you can see what I'm looking at over here. 

Any ideas?

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