Skipping / Revisiting Quiz

May 10, 2019

I have a project where I've created a menu that has links to several different parts of the program, including 2 different quiz sections. 

On the screen that start the 2 quizzes, the user has an option to 'begin' which takes them to the first quiz section, or 'skip' which takes them past the quiz.

I have a trigger on the two quiz intro screens that says 'reset results' of the result screen when the timeline starts. 

The problem is that if I skip both quizzes but attempt to later take them in the same session, the 'results' screen always says that I've gotten a score of zero although I've answered all the questions correctly.

I have both the intro screens and the Results screen all set to 'reset to initial state' but I have tried all combinations of reset or resume and get the same problem.

I've also tried reseting the results on the menu links but nothing seems to work.

Would anyone have suggestions for how I can skip the quizzes, come back to them in the same session and have the results report correctly?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Charles,

It sounds like you've exhausted a bunch of troubleshooting steps, so I'd love to help by taking a look at the .story file with your permission. This will help our team dig a bit deeper into what's going on. If you can share here publicly, please upload here using the Add Attachment button or if you need to share privately our Support Team is standing by! 

We'll delete the files when done troubleshooting! 

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