SL 360 behaving erratically for no apparent reason

Hi - 

Is anyone else having issues with SL 360 behaving erratically this morning?  Some background:

  • I published a file last night to Review 360, then I closed the source file and shut down for the night.
  • This morning, I open the file in Review, and while it seems to be operating ok, I'm seeing the http address along the bottom of the review screen - and it will not go away.
  • I open the source file and when I select a text box to edit, the cursor blinks, freezes, then the word I'm editing flashes.
  • I get the same flashing behavior when using any UI item (size and position; editing states, for examples)

I've closed and reopened the file multiple times, but it continues to behave like this.  Is anyone else having this issue?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Paula,

Sorry to hear SL360 is behaving erratically! Take a look at this article here that covers reasons it could be acting unexpectedly.

Be sure you're working from your local drive, and usually a quick repair of Storyline will do the trick. Give it a shot, and if it's still acting up, reach out to one of our support engineers to dig in a little deeper and see what could be causing the issue!