SL options that requirs LMS special functionality

Our current LMS definitions are set to very basic support for data recived through SCORM.

We asked for some upgrades from our IT, but especially after adding SL to the picture (currently we have some vendors developing for us in SL, and we use Studio '09, and will upgrade to '12 when it is out. But might start using SL as well in the future) - I wish to know which special (or even basic) options should we ask that our LMS will support?

These can be options like having 3 sub-topics in a quiz and getting a score for each of those topics or any other idea you can think of.. 


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Gerry Wasiluk


Always good to know how compliant one's LMS is with the AICC and SCORM standards--like how many of data elements in the standards actually get stored in the LMS or how they support developer-created variables.

If I understand you right, you can have three separate quizzes, each with its own results, and then have them contribute to the final score/passing determination for the LMS.  Just add a final results slide and have it include all the quiz questions you need.  Really flexible.

Efrat Maor


Can you point to where I can see all the standards/variables avaiable?

Now our system even does not support all of Studio 09 variables (at least one very important, which will be added next quarter).

so I would live to kno what is available in Studio 09-12 and SL - to add to our wish list.


Gerry Wasiluk


I would expect how Storyline reports AICC or SCORM data to the LMS to be the same as Studio 09.

There is no KB article yet on everything reported by Storyline to a LMS for AICC and SCORM.  That may be coming.

Here is what gets reported from a quiz in Storyline:

In addition, at course launch, then every 10 minutes, and then again at course end, among other things, this gets reported for SCORM 1.2:

Hope I got all that right. :)  Not sure if more is reported with SCORM 2004.

For more on SCORM standards, I'd look at this: