SL recorder on free trial not working

Dec 15, 2015

Every time I click "Record Screen", storyline effectively shuts down with no options available.  I say "effectively" because the program is still running per a task manager search.  Unfortunately I cannot do anything with it.  Is this a free trial flaw or how it really works (or doesn't work)?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrew!

The trial version is the same as the full version minus a license so it should be working for you.

Are you having difficulty with just one file or in any file that you try to work on? Perhaps something went awry during your download/install and I would first recommend a repair to try to get you back to working order.

Andrew Hoskins

I am not being given the option to choose either fill screen or a window.  There is simply an option that says "Record Screen".  I have found this option available through two methods. The first is when I first open Storyline, the other is within the ribbon during a project.  I get the same results no matter which one I choose.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Andrew - it does look like my colleague Victor already responded on the 15th? Perhaps it went to your junk/spam folder - it would be an email from and I've copied it below but will also have Victor reach out to you again.

In regards to your inquiry, the Articulate Storyline window will temporarily disappear when you click on Record Screen option. The screen recorder will launch (but it won't start recording right away). You can then adjust the size and Position the Recording Area. Here's a quick screencast for visual reference: 

Here's an article that'll guide you on how to record screencasts and software simulations in Articulate Storyline: 

If you're not able to see the Recording window, please run a quick repair on Storyline to ensure that all of its components are intact. Here's how: 

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