SL1 to SL2 crashing/font behavior

Oct 08, 2015

Hi! I searched the forums and didn't find anything on this. I built a course in Storyline 1 and converted it to Storyline 2. The story file now crashes periodically and I've also noticed that when I copy and paste a text box, the default action is to change the font to the Articulate font (which is weird because the default SL2 font is Open Sans.) Also, re: fonts, when I have a text box selected and try to change it to one of the theme fonts, it doesn't change the font. So, each time, I have to go through and find the font in the drop-down (and I'm a font hoarder so I have a lot to scroll through.) Is this a conversion issue or a problem with my file? Do I have to recreate this story starting in SL2?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stephen -- Thanks for your question and sorry you are experiencing difficulties! Are you able to confirm you are working locally? And have to tried importing the file upgraded from SL1 to SL2 into a new file?

If you continue to have problems, please share the backup file you should have of your original SL1 course and I can attempt to upgrade it to SL2 on my machine to see if I experience the same behavior. 

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