SL2 - 508 Yellow Boxes and States

Hi all,

We are working with a client that has requested that we remove all of the yellow boxes for 508 compliance on all course slides. Our client has requested that we create the courses using SL2.  We unselected accessibility available for all objects.  We also deleted all items in the tab order.  We even found rogue yellow boxes in layers; we thought we got them all...until yesterday!

We have several items that switch states that include a text box in one of the states.  We found that if any item had a state that changed with a text box, the yellow box would appear around the item regardless of unselecting accessibility on all items in the state, including the text box.  After several frustrating hours, we discovered a workaround.  We had to create a copy of the item, one with a state that only included the inbox and another item with a state without the textbox.  This required adding additional triggers to make sure the states and animations correctly fired off, but it worked.

Just wanted to share this with everyone just in case anyone comes across a similar issue.







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