Tabbing Order with visited state issue

Jun 01, 2016

I did find a work-around for this issue, but hoping to see if anyone has a true fix for this or make me aware of anything I am doing incorrectly.

I have 5 text boxes that I am using as menu items.  To each text box, I created a visited state that displays a checkmark next to the text box.  I did this by editing the visited state and saving it with the checkmark image, it works great.

For the page, I adjusted the tabbing order and left only the text boxes, removing all other items.  But when the checkmarks appear as a result of the visited state, the checkmarks themselves are now items in the tab order! 

My workaround:
I removed the states and instead used triggers to show the checkmarks.  I prefer using states, but at least this works. 

Is there a way to make this work using states as originally planned?

Thanks in advance!

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Jose Arroyo

Hi Leslie,

I tried to group and the checkmark image is still an item you can tab to.  When added in a state, it does not appear in the tab order list but still an item you can tab to.  

I didn't save the group as an image in the visited state.  Sounds  like that would technically work, but I have a hover state for the text box that changes the fill color.  I would lose that using this method.

IMO the image should not be something you can tab to since I added it for the visited state.  At least you should be able to remove it from the tab order, but it doesn't appear there at all.  

I wound up using triggers to make the images appear instead of states, and then removed the images from the tab order.  

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