SL2 Assessment results not recording properly in LMS

I have a problem requiring technical assistance. I inherited a set of Storyline 1 built quizzes (10 slides/per quiz). They were built in English by another company for our shared client, then translated to French using the Export translate function by them. My task was simply to edit the language and re-publish them for upload to our client's SAP based LMS. However I had to convert the files to SL2 as I did not have access to SL1 at the time. 

The current (from a long list) problem to solve is that the successful completion of the quizzes (set at 70%) on the results slide, will not record correctly in their LMS.

From their tech people: "

Below are links to the debug to send to your vendor from SCORM cloud. I received a 90% and the completion status is still incomplete.  The cmi.lesson_status is not set to ‘completed’ or “passed”

The cmi.core.lesson_status is not being updated by the content to ‘completed’ or ‘passed’ to trigger the LMS to grant the user credit."  They tested the file in stormcloud or some other debugging software and sent me this link.

I cannot fix this for them. Please help. 



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