Sl2 error reports when previewing a scene; audio may drop on that scene in LMS

Mar 14, 2018

I last updated SL2 in January.  Before and after the update, I noticed problems when trying to preview a scene in a project I'd been working on.  I could preview each slide in the scene, and I could preview the entire project, but not this one scene.  Almost every time I tried to preview, I'd get an error message.  I went ahead and published the course and uploaded it to the LMS, but once in a while, learners experience audio dropout on a certain slide in that same scene.  I've gone back to the source file, duplicated the scene and done some troubleshooting to isolate the problem.  I ultimately have removed everything from that scene except a single, blank slide with no audio.  I still get an error message when trying to preview that slide as a scene (related error report attached).  What do you think?  Is there likely to be a corruption someplace that is ultimately responsible for the audio dropout in the published course?  What might I need to do to eliminate that problem?  Thanks for any experiences and insights you can share! 

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