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Ali Goulet

Hey Peter!

Thanks for sharing your file with me.

I published it and uploaded to SCORM Cloud to test in an LMS. When I viewed it in Chrome, I'm not seeing the same issue:

Take a look at it here and let me know if you're seeing the same. Also, just a note that I included the menu so I could jump between slides easier while testing.

Keep me posted! 

Peter Faulhaber


Did you review with html5 player in stead odf flash?

As we use sl2 we have to edit the imsmanifest. Our it departement urge us
to abandon flash. We use our lms behind a citrix environment. All this, we
have troubles with videos and other mp4 related stuff when ee use the
default html player.

The solution is to make sure that scorm is using html5 player only. So we
edit the imsmanifest to make sure that the html5 player is being used all
the time.

But when we do we see sometime cropped text.

When we play the default scorm (html player) we have no trouble at all.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter!

Did you run into an issue with the link that Ali shared above? I took a look in Safari HTML5 output and did not get any cropped text either.

I'm not familiar with an LMS setup behind a Citrix environment, but if we are not able to replicate in a SCORM Cloud environment then you may need to follow up with your LMS team.