SL2: Randomize Quiz Questions and Let SL pick questions?

Sep 12, 2017


I created a 30 question quiz. Here is my challenge:

I need SL2 to take 25 random questions out of the 30, so if someone opens the quiz again, the questions will not only be randomized, but they might also see a new question or two.


Also since those questions would be randomized, I didn't know if there is a "question X out of 25" feature that could display on each slide. Is that possible?


Thank you for your help.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jacqueline!  Great advice from Michael to use the "randomize questions" when adding a draw from question banks.

As for a slide counter, there isn't a built-in mechanism, but Storyline gives you the tools to build one!  You can use variables and references to keep track of those question slides.  So maybe have a variable increase every time the timeline starts on a new question slide, and use a variable text reference to display the count on each slide.

Let us know how you make out!

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