SL2 Triggers auto applying to pictures and hotspots

Oct 21, 2014


I'm having a problems with triggers auto applying themselves to multiple images and similar when I use hot spots. I've tried deleting all the images or hotspots and reinserting them but the triggers seem to apply themselves gain.

To summarise, when I apply a trigger to one of the images it applies itself to all the others and when I try to edit the action that occurs as a result of clicking on the image or hotspot they all end up doing the same thing. 

There is a Jing of it here if anyone has a minute to take a look - 

Best regards Richard

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Richard

you're right there is something fishy but I think it's SL not your images.  I just removed all 5 hotspots but images 2 and 3 still look as if they have a hotspot even though they dont. 

Then I added in 3 of my own images and tried to do the same thing and it won't create hotspots/ triggers with format painter but I could create new hotspots on each image and that worked.

Maybe try importing your slides into a new SL file and see if that helps.  Sorry I couldn't be more help

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