[SL3] How to get it full widescreen?

Hello community,

I am working on a course that I want to display in a full wide-screen HD format. I've tried various widescreen resolutions but no avail, it just keeps putting it centered in the browser window, contained by the native player. I really want to ditch the native player all together and just have a player-less experience.

Will I have to do this in the output by editing the HTML code?



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Mischelle Tickner

I want the same, I want to be able to publish a HTML5 course and for it to be completely full screen but responsive.

I am thinking Articulate may not be the best tool for me if I have to play around with it after publishing.

I notice that this request has been going on for years, why is it not a feature?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mischelle.  Are you using Storyline 3 as well?  The responsive player that launches with HTML5 output will look great on your mobile devices -- it provides the most screen space for your slide content and gets player features out of the way. Essentially, mobile devices get the full screen behavior you're after.

On desktop, you'll continue to see the classic player.  Matthew shared how to make your player all but disappear, and you can set the player to scale up to fit your browser.  Your slide content won't be responsive in a way that allows it to change aspect ratio to fit your browser window, however.  Slide dimensions will remain in proportion.  Also, HTML5 output won't be able to cause your browser window to fill the screen.

This article talks a little more about what you can expect from each output.  Scroll down to Player -Other.

It looks like you have a Teams trial for Articulate 360.  Be sure to check out Rise.  Fully responsive, beautiful courses that will look great on desktop and mobile, and you can build them in no time!