SL3 publish in AICC format

Jun 20, 2017

Hi all,

I have just start using SL3. I really like the new dial feature.

I am about to publish my first course but facing a small issue.

I am publishing in AICC format using the Cornerstone LMS.

The 4 files that I am uploading for that purpose seems to have a format issue.

This functionality used to work pretty well on SL2.


  1. the 4 files that I am uploading on cornerstone (SL3 publications)
  2. similar files created by SL2 publication
  3. the error message I am getting while uploading those files on Cornerstone

Has any one managed to publish an SL3 course using AICC format?

Is there any way we can bypass that issue? 

Could it be a SL3 bug?

Thanks for your help and support!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hubert,

None of the files in your Storyline 3 zipped folder looked like a .story file or the published output to me. So I'm not sure what you shared here. 

I don't know the specifics of Cornerstone - but if you wanted to compare it to SCORM Cloud, that's a good standard for how it should be have. If you'd be able to test there, follow these steps to test AICC content. 

If it works normally there, you can share those results when reaching out to your Cornerstone LMS admin. 

Hubert de Vregille

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for this first reply.

The files that I have loaded have been created by Storyline. This are the 4 files that I am using to create the course on Cornerstone, then the published version is made available on the server for access.

It seems to me that they may be a formating issue in the file "" or one of the other 3 files that is preventing from course creation on Cornerstone.

I am not an expert and not know the requirements of AICC formating for those files.

When you open the file "" created by SL2 and the one created by SL3 it seems that they have not exactly the same format. And it was working perfectly well with SL2.

Except that the published version is working perfectly well.

Thanks for your active and efficient support.




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Hubert! 

Thanks for sharing your file. Sorry that you've run into difficulty with this.

I was able to publish your file using the documentation that Ashley shared above.

You can check it out here.

I have attached my zipped published output here as well. Curious if you can upload this to your LMS successfully.

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