SL3 - AICC publication issue

Aug 22, 2017


We have identified one issue on one of the files created by SL3 when publishing the course in AICC format : in the file "course.des".

If the description text entered in the field "description" is on 2 lines, the content of the file "course.des" is on 2 lines

--> see attachement: "Description on 2 lines.png" + "_course-des_2lines.png"

If the description text entered in the field "description" is on 1 line, the content of the file "course.des" is on 1 line.

--> see attachement:"_course-des_1line.png"

This was possible and working with no issue on SL2.

Can this be corrected on SL3?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Hubert!

Interesting question. I'm curious if this causing an issue for you? I do not dig into output files often and I have not heard of this issue, but curious how you identified and assuming it caused an issue of some sort for you to dig in those files.

Thanks so much :) I look forward to better understanding so I can accurately share with the team.

Hubert de Vregille

Hello Leslie,

This is an issue for me.

We have around 600 courses published in AICC format.

Those courses are created by several users. Those courses can have description field on 2 lines (as Storyline is allowing this).

Today we are running on SL2 and willing to start using SL3.

What is preventing us to do so? we are having an error message when we want to publish our SL3 courses on LMS format in AICC.

We have raised this question on the community in July. It was not clear wether the issue was coming from SL or Cornestone. Investigation have been made on Cornestone side that allow us to understand what is causing the issue.

Can this be corrected?



Hubert de Vregille

Hello Leslie,

This is a very good question.

This is issue has been raised in June

At this time we have made the test and the conclusion was that it was coming from Cornerstone.

We have then start a discussion with the best technical experts within Cornerstone. They have identified and corrected the small issue that was coming from them, but found that this issue was coming from articulate.

So I would appreciate if the issue could be corrected.

Best regards,


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