SL3 Push slide transition showing lines

I have the latest version of SL3 and when I use the "push" transition for each slide, it is showing the slide transition lines, making the transitions look awful. This only happens when launching the course's .html and html5.html in Chrome. It doesn't happen when launching the .html in IE 11. I test in IE, but we don't use IE; we use Chrome as our browser.

I see similar issues from others, but nothing answered to this point. This is launching today, I'll need some help, if anyone can. I'd truly appreciate it.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lisa,

I appreciate you chiming in and sharing what you are experiencing with your project.

We do have an issue reported specific to the push transition. The workaround listed at this time is to use a different slide transition effect.

I'm adding this conversation to the report so that we can track user impact and update you here when we can.