SL360 Press a key triggers

Mar 26, 2018

I did not see this issue in the threads so am starting a new one.

I have built a very simple project to test out the "press a key" triggers and have run into a snag.  I have triggers in place for keyboard triggers (presentation remote) and click/swipe functionality.  The presentation remote functions fine until you click on a next/prev button.  After that, it seems to lock out the the remote function?

Question is, can i use both types of triggers in the same project.  I would like to since then i can use the courses in e-learning and instructor led scenarios.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Eric.  Thanks for your description of what's happening with the remote when giving your presentation.

We're investigating a key press trigger issue when using a presentation remote based on various trigger setups.  Would you be able to share your project with our support team so we can confirm what's happening and give you some next steps?

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