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Simon Perkins

Hi Virgina

If the video plays on its own layer or is the last thing to "finish" on a particular layer/slide, then you can create a trigger to move elsewhere as follows (e.g. jump to next slide):

- jump to slide (or whatever you want)

- next slide (or wherever)

- when timeline ends

- object: this slide/layer etc


Virginia Wilkinson

Thanks Simon!  This is my first Vimeo video used in Storyline.  It is only object on this specific slide.  I have video coded for 'autoplay' but was concerned about what will happen if there is any internet delay time before it actually starts to play.  If I set timeline for specific time period (length of video), any delays may cause the slide to advance before the video ends.  I wasn't sure whether Storyline can actually determine when a video starts/ends so slide can auto-advance or if I need to set the timeline for a specific period and add in a few 'just in case' seconds.  


Simon Perkins

Ah, you're pulling in the video as a web object?  Sorry, I was looking at this as an embedded video.  I'm not in front of SL you can't remember what happens to the timeline with web objects - IIRC it defaults to something like 5 or 10 seconds?  

Seeing as videos can delay or stutter, could you have the learner click a button or something else to move on once the video has finished?

Virginia Wilkinson

If Storyline cannot 'see' when a video has actually ended, it seems the solution will be to have learner manually advance to next slide. 

From what I've read, it appears Articulate handles YouTube videos a little better than videos hosted by other sites.  Does anyone know if the automatic advance to next slide works better if the video is hosted on YouTube instead of Vimeo?