Slide Advancement After Multiple Trigger Conditions Have Been Satisfied

Jan 07, 2015

I've built a presentation showing how to create a flowchart.  As you can see, I have the flowchart shapes and text boxes on the right of the presentation.  I want the used to be able to drag and drop the components onto triggers I've manually inserted and made invisible (between the arrows).  I've accomplished this, but I'm still running into an issue.  When all shapes and text boxes have been moved to the appropriate triggers, I would like some sort of indication verifying completion.  Maybe a layer or another slide letting the user know they are complete.  I managed to accomplish this by setting up states, but I ran into another problem.  States will only work for one scenario at a time, so if the user follows an exact path, this will work.  Since I cannot predict which path the user will take, this doesn't seem to be a solution either.  Is there a way to accomplish this feat?  I've included the completed flowchart diagram on the last slide for reference.  Please help!!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Carolyn!

Have you considered using a freeform drag and drop question for this? You could set each shape up to have a correct drop target, and show a "complete" button either on trigger when they are all correct, or you could even have it built into the correct feedback layer once all of the shapes are drop correct. You would need to add a button or shape to "submit interaction". Not sure if this would work, but just a suggestion. I am sure other will add in any additional ideas.

Attached is a sample, I only added correct targets to the Shapes, not the text boxes in this one.

Carolyn Stoll

Thanks for the help Emily.  

I originally wanted to use freeform drag and drop,  but it seems that you cannot use one drag item on multiple drop targets.  This is why I have so many triggers!  Is there a workaround for this?  

I love the "check answers" interaction instead of providing feedback after every submission.  I will definitely incorporate this.



Emily Ruby

Thanks Carolyn,

Glad the "check answers" will help. As far as the drag and drop only allowing drop target, this is how they are set up. I can see how have the same shape multiple times you would want to allow then to use either one for a a few specific drop targets. Using triggers might be the way to go, but I am sure if other community members have ideas for a workaround, they will jump in!

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