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May 09, 2013

I have an intro slide that is automatically advancing at the end of the timeline. I have checked the triggers, and the only trigger present is to Jump to the designated slide when the user clicks the Next button. 

I have created a new trigger to advance when user clicks on an image, and the slide will not auto-advance, but when I go back to the clicking the next button trigger, it skips ahead.

Is there something I'm overlooking?



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Karen Thurston

Help!  I am having this same issue with several quiz slides.  All slides are programmed to advance by user through slide properties and are 25 seconds long.   When I land on the first quiz slide it automatically advances through several slides only showing them for a second each.  The only triggers on these slides are to submit the interaction when user clicks on a hot spot or the submit button.   It is advancing before I even click on anything.

Thank you,


Karen Thurston

Hi Bruce,

Here is the file for the scene I am having trouble with.  

Slide 1.1:  Click 'play'

Slide 1.2:  Click 'play' for the test me out option

Slide 1.3: Click 'play'

Slide 1.4:  This is the first quiz question.  When you land on this slide it displays for only a second and then scrolls through the next 9 slides (through 1.12) very quickly before stopping on 1.13.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  This one has me stumped!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Karen,

Not sure if Bruce is online at the moment, so thought I'd jump in.

It seemed as though the slide was jumping to the next slide, as you said, as soon as the timeline started. Since I didn't see any triggers on the slide, I clicked on slide 4 and then right-clicked to see which layout it's using. Then I went to the slide master, and if you look at Master #3 you'll see there's a Jump to the next slide when the timeline starts trigger.

Here's a screenshot. Slide Master 3 is in yellow and I've circled the trigger.

Once you remove that trigger, you should be good to go.

Any questions, please shout out.

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