Slide content appears squeezed in preview mode; OK in the other preview mode. Requires player navigation?

Apr 06, 2015

My menu looks beautiful when I'm editing it.  All my graphical and text elements fit neatly onto the slide, without any stuff hanging over the margins.  When I preview, it adds white space on either side of content area for some reason.  I have checked everything.  Now it appears that as long as I have some type of player navigation on the bottom (Prev, Next, seekbar), it will appear correctly.  This makes no sense on a title side that doesn't need navigation or audio.  This is the only slide that has this problem.  I am using the same slide master as the other slides (in fact I've checked every single slide master.)

I'm hoping this is something dumb I've done.  Please see attached.  Thanks!

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Lisa Ferris

I think I've figured out that you have to have something on the navigation bar, even the volume button, enabled in the player.  If I don't have that, the volume button won't appear on the screens with audio.  So I guess it's not possible to have a narrated course that doesn't narrate the title/menu screen but does narrate subsequent slides with an icon to lower the audio.  Attached is a course template screen, though none of the links work.  See if you can find a way to have a non narrated title screen with no navs or audio icon take up the whole player slide when it is previewed.  Thanks so much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

Thanks for sharing your project file, and now I understand more the issue you were running into. If you enable player elements only for some slides, you'll see the player padding for those elements throughout the course - the player is not resized to match what is set up for each individual slide. There are certain elements that you can disable on individual slides and volume controls are not one of those things. 

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