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Sep 03, 2013

I'm currently building some courses with Storyline (first time using Articulate for about 5 years). I've been instructed that the look/feel of these courses much match previously produced modules, including a slide counter. This design will involve navigation buttons & a menu inside the content of the module, not using the articulate player.

I've created a variable & triggers that work fine to count up/down as the user moves forwards/backwards, however, using the menu for non-linear navigation will obviously not work. Having read a previous post about using slides remaining for non-linear navigation, I've thought about this alot, but cannot seem to come up with a solution which doesn't include a different trigger on almost every slide. In that case, I may as well manually number the slides.

I also hit a problem using a trigger to visit previous slide, as if you navigated using the menu from slide 2 to slide 10, using the previous slide trigger takes you back to 2. I have worked around this by changing the trigger to go back to a specific slide when the back navigation button is pressed. Is there a better way of setting that up?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Matthew and welcome to the community!  Are you stuck with slide numbers or is there any chance you could use a progress meter like the one shown here? Otherwise like you mentioned you'll probably need a trigger on every slide and you might as well just number them...unless any other heroes have some creative ideas for us. 

Matthew Ash

Hi both, thanks for responding.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the slide number (& a detailed progress bar). The stakeholders are very keen for the set of modules to look the same as the existing ones (some built in Flash & some in Lectora by the same development company).

I've worked out a way I can create an accurate progress bar, but I'd need a variable to show 'actual slide number', i.e. the one shown before the title under the slide, which I don't think Articulate can do?

I'm only building two modules that need to match the look/feel, so it's not too bad to manually add for now. When I build the next modules, I can play around with my own style more.

Storyline has allowed a great job of mimicking the design, considering the budget differences between external development & in-house!

James Picton

I'm also very interested if anybody has come up with a workable way (i.e. simpler than numbering each screen!!) to introduce a variable-based page counter that's usable in non-linear navigation as my courses are large and therefore I tend to need sub-menus to facilitate the learner journey.



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