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I'll try and keep the question brief.  On my presentation I have one of my initial slides with 3 layers on it.  The third (and final layer) is my "launch" page out to the different activities in my course.  My issue is when I link back to this page (from one of the activities-any of them) the second layer plays behind the third layer.  How do I set it so that second layer won't show when users return to my "launch" page?  I have tried setting the slide and layer properties-set the second layer to pause the timeline when it finishes, to resume saved state on revisits and hiding objects on the base layer.  Nothing I've clicked or tried has kept that second layer from showing up when I return to my page.  Anyone with ideas?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Adam, I am looking at your file and something really strange it happening with those layers - not sure what is causing it just yet.

When the user clicks the home button to go back to 2.1 Intro do you want the slide to replay from the start and then jump to the Basic Directions layer each time or do you want them to go back to the Launch Layer?

If I was doing this myself, I would not have nested the launch page in a layer like that but since you have set it up this way lets see if we can make it work.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Adam, I think I managed to get the file working they way you want it and have attached a revised version for you. I could not really figure out why the second layer was loading behind the third layer but I set the file up so that the second layer does not load after the first time it has been played.

The way it works now is that when the user clicks the home button on any of those scenario pages - they are taken directly to the launch layer.

I did this by creating a boolean variable DirectionsPlayed. I set the initial value of this variable to Flash.

I then placed an Adjust variable trigger on the basic directions layer that says to change the value of the variable to true when the timeline starts.

I put another trigger on the main Intro  slide that says to show layer Launch when the timeline starts if the DirectionsPlayed variable is true.

I also added a condition to the Showlayer Basic Directions trigger that you had already set up to say show this layer if DirectionsPlayed equals false.

Let me know if this works for you. If not we can try something else.

Adam Hunt

Perfecto!  Thank you!

Yea, in the future I probably would not set the launch page up this way-intially I had it flowing right into the launch page from the directions page....and partially I was playing around to see what I could do with layers (been working with Storyline for about a week now and starting to get the hang of it).  I learn something  new everyday .  The variables are a nice little tool....thanks!

Nancy Woinoski

I've been using Storyline for a year now and I stil get tripped up sometimes on when to use layers vs new slides.

I like using layers because it makes the story view less cultered but they should really be reserved for building content on top of the base layer they are on.

Then again, if you don't experiement a little you miss out on a lot of the cool things the tool can do.

Good luck with your project