Slide layer repeats instead of advancing to next layer


I have a SL slide that when the user clicks the hotspot in layer 1 it is suppose to advance to layer 2, but it is repeating layer 1 again. I have several of these types of interactions in my story, but this is the only slide that wants to behave this way. No matter what trigger I use (end of timeline, end of media, hotspot etc..) it still repeats. Can you please look at this and see if you can find the issue?



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Barry Hollembeak

I seem to have found a work around this issue. I had to remove the trigger from the base layer that advanced to Layer 1 when the timeline ended and put in a "Continue" button to make the advance. So I guess the problem lies somewhere in the base layer? Still not sure what the root cause is, but at least I can finish the project.