Slide layers, variables, and triggers

May 12, 2020

Hi there, 

I have the slide attached below with a few layers and a disabled "Next" button to control forward movement in the course. Layers are accessed by clicking on different hot spots. There is a T/F variable in here with a default to "False". Upon visiting the "Calibration Accuracy" layer the variable is adjusted to "True". This should change the state of the next button to "normal" but it does not. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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Walt Hamilton

The layers are part of the slide, so when you go to a layer, you never leave the slide. Since you only come to the slide once, the timeline only starts once. when it does, the variable is false, and Next never changes. If this is the final and complete version of this slide, you can change the trigger to read "Change state of Next to Normal when variable calaccuracy changes if calaccuracy equal True.

That allows the learner to move on after visiting only that one layer. If you want to require visiting all layers, you need to have a variable for each layer, and a trigger for each of them: "Change state of Next to Normal when variable calstability changes if  [all three of them equal True]"

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