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Hi there,

I have a SL2 project with lots of Slide Masters and Layouts. I need to change teh background image on a Master Slide but I can't seem to be able to access the picture and change it. I'm trying to access it from the Slide Master pages but I can only add things to it rather than modify the background image.




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Troy Broas

Hi Eitan,

When you click on Format Background and the menu pops up, on the Fill tab, select "Picture or texture from Fill" under the Fill section. After that, click the "File" button next to "Insert From".

You will then be able to browse to where you have your picture saved and select it. Assuming the picture is large enough, it will fill the background of your slide. Let me know if that helps. 


Inserting Background Image

Tracie Bosket


I have the same problem. I am able to fill the background with a picture, however, I want an image over the background that I can size and move. I see the two options "Fill" and "Picture". The Fill option works fine, but the Picture option is grayed out. Does anyone have any ideas about why it is grayed out?