Slide Master Timeline Inoperative For Animation

Sep 01, 2022


Has anyone else had this problem that the timeline in the Slide Master does not work? I put a fade-in animation on a pic on the master itself. (I also tried putting it on a couple of the layouts.) The timeline play/pause buttons are greyed and using the space bar does not start it either. I can scrub the playhead to see it animate in Visualization mode. Slides with the master applied do not show the animation either.

I attached the story file.

Win 10 Ent, i7, 32 GB memory, SL 360 version 3.67.28569.0.




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Allen Way

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your help.

OK. It seems to be working when previewing the actual slide. (I think I left something on top of it from all my messing around w/ it.

However, the timeline in the master slide view is still greyed out. I made a Peek of it:

(You can ignore the part near the end about it not working on the slide now, however.)




Veronica Budnikas

Oh, I see what you mean now.

I believe this is an issue or bug or just something that doesn't work in Master slide view. It's been like this for a long time, I just don't use it.

I seem to recall seeing recently someone post about this issue in the forums, so I'll see if I can find that.


Jose Tansengco

Hi Allen, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are currently tracking a known issue which is causing the play button in the Slide Master timeline to not function properly. I've included this post in the bug report so we can notify you immediately as soon as a fix is released, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.