Slide master timing overrides the set slide timings

Dec 05, 2019

Hello, Every slide in my project has a timing of 5 seconds regardless of what the slide timeline says. This 5 seconds is coming from the slide master. When I changed the slide master to 20 seconds all slides in the project changed to 20 seconds. I'm pretty sure it is not supposed to work this way.

I checked this behaviour on two different pc's version  
Storyline 3 Build 3.8.20838.0 and  
Storyline 3 Build 3.7.20003.0

Please advise

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Ren Gomez

Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear you're running into this issue! A few questions to dig a little deeper:

  • Are you experiencing this during preview/publish or both?
  • If you see this during publish only, are you publishing your course to video?
  • Can you replicate this in a new file?

This will give us a starting point in troubleshooting the error. Looking forward to hearing back!

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