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Sep 21, 2015

Good Afternoon,
I am having a bit of an issue with Slide Masters with questions.   I have created my own slide masters but were based off of the ones from the default slides.   When I go to the questions Slide master and change where I want the test to appear an what not, it doesn't seem to make any difference in the final slides.
I have all of my slide masters set up to have a blank text box so I can put the name of the slide in there.. but that is where it is putting the question from the question bank.  I tried moving that text box on the master to a new location and it doesn't move in the final.   I know I am messing this up.  Is there any tutorial or anything on Slide masters in particular with Questions?

Thank you all


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David Stabley

Thank you,   but what I am trying to do is have the Slide Master for the questions all the same.  I am doing a short answer question, and I would like to format the question and the answer, and position them so all the questions are the same... when I do it with a master slide it seems to ignore it.
Quick Example.   I am trying to place the question in a certain location, and I would like the place to put the answer and the length of the box in another... I cant seem to find those on the master page to make all the pages the same.



David Stabley

I believe so yes....  but it still isn't allowing me to place and adjust where I want input for the answer to be.  if I go to each slide separately I can adjust and change that.. But how can I get that input box on slide master.... Also I would like to have a second blank text box on the master slide that I can use for naming each slide... It allows me to have one but that is where it is putting the question from the question bank.



David Stabley

Good Morning...
I work for the Government and the file I have is not able to be shared... BUT I did a slightly modified version to share.     Here are 3 screen shots trying to explain what is going on.
I have questions in the Question bank.  they are all short answer.
I have a master slide (Question) and I am trying to set it up to look the way I want and to have the questions from the bank be placed where they should be.
Posted I have the 3 screen shots,
What the slide Master looks like,
What it is doing
and what I want it to look like.
I hope this helps, I wish I could share more with you.  



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the examples here. From what I gather you'd like 3 things on each of your question slides: a sub title, the question text, and the place where the user enters their answer. 

A few things to note first. The question text will default to the slide title, so therefore it will take the "title" placeholder you've added to a slide (as in your example I suspect that's where you expected the sub title to be). 

In a fill in the blank, short answer or essay style question the text entry field is generated automatically and does not follow the location or styling assigned to the "choices" field you'll see on the question slide master. It will always appear below the question text/title element. You can see this if you were to move the question title placeholder to another location on the slide, the text entry would follow. I do see that when updating the "Choices" location on the master, that is not adhered to on the slide and we've reported this to our QA team for additional information. 

So in your set up, it looks as if you need to swap the locations for what you're considering the sub title and the question itself. On the slide-view-of-question.png if the Question line was where the "Blank place text sub title" and vice a versa - it should place the answer space below that and then it would match what you have in the "Example.png". 

If you could share that one slide with the master you set up, I can help rearrange these items for you to make it a little clearer. 

David Stabley

Good morning.   I have been correcting the master slides but still having issues.  I cant seem to be able to format the (answer space) from a fill in the blank question.. Except on each individual question  (I have 160 questions in multion Question banks)  Also I cant seem to get more than 2 Text boxes (Blank) to show up per master slide.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Yes, the answer location or formatting on a text entry type of question isn't something you can control from the slide master. You could change how it looks/behaves on the slide itself, but fonts will be dependent on what the user has access too as they're not embedded as a part of the text entry. Also the Storyline question types are only one question per slide, so there isn't a way to have more than one blank answer location on the master slide. 

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