Slide Pileup with Timed Animations... No Timeline Scrubbing?

Mar 09, 2016

When I am working within a file, I will put animations within one slide where a character will start in one pose, and then will switch to another pose by the end of the slide.  Then, I make the next slide and I need to match up the starting pose of that slide to the ending pose of the previous.  Now, I know I can duplicate the slides and set things up that way to match, but that's in a perfect world where no one decides it's happening too fast, or that ending pose looks angrier than it looks confused...

So what I'd love is if the timeline, when I am looking at a slide, would actually show me (in the slide) what is happening as I scrub through it.  Is there a way to make Articulate show me this?  Currently - anything that is on the timeline (at any point) just shows piled on top of everything else that is on the timeline, all at once. I have to publish either the single slide (which doesn't allow me to compare to the next slide), the whole entire project from the start, or set up my whole project in separate stories to just run the one small part to test.

Anyone have any clues about this possibility?  I'm hoping I am just missing some setting or button to switch on!  Or even just a "run from this slide" version of "publish".  Thanks for any and all advice in advance!

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Pierre Jouan

Hello Katherine,

Talking about timeline scrubbing?

Have a look here and make a feature request :


BTW, I already asked for it but would be nice to get a little feedback about feature requests and whether they're on top of "to do" list or just ignored...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katherine!

Do you have items on the slide that you cannot preview? You can preview a single slide.

There is also a preview button on the slide:

You can preview a slide using the player controls in the lower left corner of the timeline.

  • Click the Play/Pause button once to start the playhead (blue vertical line) moving along the timeline.
  • Click the Play/Pause button again to pause the playhead at its current location.
  • Click the Stop button to end the preview and return the playhead to beginning of the timeline.
Katherine Murphy

When I do this (use the play button), state changes on triggers are not reflected in the clunky playback.  This is, unfortunately, the part I need to check, so it would be great if I could just move the playhead and have the "stage" reflect what should be visible at that time...  Is there any way to do this?

Katherine Murphy

I have added my request to the other requests for this simple, common feature.  I do not have much faith, unfortunately, in seeing this feature within my product cycle, since it was first requested 2 years ago... Yikes.

We stick with Articulate for the handy (if buggy) character features, but it might be time to just download a hundred avatar images and switch to Captivate.  Disappointed!

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