Slide Player Tabs Appear Behind Slide Content

Jul 24, 2019

Hi All. 

I recently published Storyline 3 content as Web (html5 only) on a SharePoint server for a beta tester (not ideal, I know).  When he opened the content in Chrome on his desktop, the player tabs (Resources, Slide Menu, Volume) all opened behind the slide content.

The content is just text and images with entry animations - no videos or weblinks.  I could not replicate this issue on my end and no other beta testers reported the issue.

Has anyone else come across this?  Attaching a partial screenshot (proprietary content, otherwise I would show the whole slide).  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Thanks for that screenshot! It's only the one tester - do you know what version of Chrome they're using? Also, when uploading to Sharepoint, did you upload the entire contents of the publish folder or a singular file? 

Can you also check that you've published with the latest update for Storyline 3, build 3.6.18134.0

Heather Kupchenko

Hi Ashley.  Large organization, so we get updates when they are pushed. 

  • Chrome: Version 75.0.3770.142 (up to date)
  • Storyline 3: build 3.5.16548.0

A second beta tester reported the same issue with that particular course.  I still can't replicate it on my end.  I uploaded the web-published contents to Sharepoint as a single zip file, upzipped in Explorer View, then provided the story.html link to testers via email.

I'll try two things next week: 1) request the Storyline update, and 2) republish that test course and let you know if it helps.

Kind regards,


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