Slide results not working showing the points of draw question bank

Why is this not possible?

I am trying to make question bank drawings, after that one slide result for all.

But I would like to show the results for each drawing also.

So I thought (being smart) to make it in a different scene en not showing this scene in the menu. So I can copy the points to my result slide at the end. But unfortunately the review and reset buttons don't work anymore. The points are correctly. 

This is my test file to show if something bigger would work also.

Any suggetions to solve this problem and make it possible to show the points, are welcome.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Patricia, 

Happy to help dive in here! 

I reviewed your file and I made an adjustment to your accumulative result slide. It looks like it wasn't tracking the questions banks, so I added them using the Results Slides Properties

After making that adjustment, I was able to see the variables from each question bank draw and use the Review/Retry button. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Patricia Hazemeijer

So this construction is possible indeed?! Yes, I see the mistake and made it correct and now it works. Then I will use this to show the different points in each draw. But when you change the results in the second scene, you have to double check the result slide properties, that also changes somehow too. Thanks for your suggestion!