Slide Triggers "OR" Bug (Storyline 2)

Has anyone encountered this? I've set a series of conditions in a trigger. All use the condition "or." In the triggers panel, they say "or" (as they should), but the trigger will behave as if the conditional is an "and." In fact, upon further inspection (see attached), the trigger is showing "or" in the Triggers panel but "and" in the Trigger Wizard. I'm not sure how this bug is being triggered either. I never reset the conditions to "and."

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Zollie B

Leslie, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. If I'm expecting something to behave like an "or" and it behaves like an "and," then it is not functioning properly. Instead, it is discretely doing the opposite of what I've set it to do.

I think more than likely, the triggers are defaulting to "and," which is why John is reporting proper results and I am not.