Slide with slide layers. Upon revisiting, base layer video plays randomly

Jan 19, 2015

I have a slide with 4 clickables and the 4 slide layers showing when you click one of the four clickables. Now everything works fine until you revisit the slide.

I have a video that plays before the clickables show up at the end of the video.(set above the video in layer position so it will be clickable) Video is about 30 sec.

I have set the slide at 'Resumed Saved State' so the four clickables will be there shown with the visited and hover state still intact.

For some reason, when revisiting, the video starts playing at about 21 sec. but the 4 clickable images is set to fade up at 19 sec. There is no known trigger that sets it to play at that exact position. (This happens even though if I waited for the timeline to end for no more dialogue, or if I click on the clickables before the dialogue ends. My assumption was that it picks up after you had clicked on one of the four clickables: because I had set a trigger to stop media when clicking image 1, 2, 3, 4; but to find out that it plays exactly about 21 sec. in regardless of when I had clicked the clickable)

I also have built 8 versions of courses that applies this method with all of them acting the same way when revisiting but not consistently. For example, another course, same 4 clickables, different video, and this one only plays back about 3 seconds of the video. Thus cutting of their dialogue "-ick the four events to review..."

Breakdown of triggers:


show layer(1, 2, 3, 4) and stop base media when user clicks (four clickables) -to prevent double audio upon hiding slide layer when timeline ends to base layer.

Hide slide layer when timeline ends (so it goes back to the four clickables)

Hide layer 1, 2, 3, 4 when user clicks next button ( to prevent playing the slide layers upon revisiting)



Any ideas?

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Yan C

It is indeed a duplicate since it seems to be a different subject.

As I was getting ready to post a .story file I think I might have fixed the issue.

I simply right clicked the video layer and set it to not 'show until end' and I have the video ending at its respective time. Then, I extended the whole timeline by about 5 seconds with the clickables on top of the video. Upon revisiting, it does not play the video anymore with audio midsentence. 

Thank you on the quick reply though!! Sometimes its the simplest fix on the most intricate jobs.

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